Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Loving Memory of a Great Lady and Writer, Barbara Williamson Woods

Author and Dear Friend Barbara Williamson Woods

I knew she was valiantly fighting cancer for a while. She had gone into remission and then became stricken again! She passed and I miss her! We never met Babs and I. Like a few people I have met through egroups, she and I became friends and would talk often. Recently all she wanted was a bottle of Drambuie. I sent it to her enjoying the image of her taking pleasurable nips.

She and I were avid horse people and we would talk about horsey stuff only horse people could appreciate. She'd wrangled, roped in her day while I galloped and jumped fences, we being of different equestrian disciplines and how we would laugh at the stupid antics horses can do...

She was a great writing talent and magnificent poet and it was an honor to know her.
She had lived a long time in Florida and finally made it back to her home state of Montana. Being Native Sioux I know Great Spirit has embraced her and the other side is that much richer for having her while we on this side feel her absence.

She was a woman of courage, fortitude, compassion and talent. All who knew her were blessed. I also know if anyone could take the Dram with her, it was Babs.