Sunday, August 8, 2010

To A Gracious and great lady, Mrs. Evelyn Quick

I heard today from my life long friend that her mom had crossed over this Friday past.
It refreshes the sorrow I felt when she lost her dad, Mr. John Quick many years back.
You see, they weren't just my best friend's parents. They were more. They were a second pair of parents! I don't know how many times over the years we spent at each other's houses. She loved my mom's Puerto Rican cooking and I loved the soul food Mrs. Quick used to make! She made the best German chocolate cake in the world and whenever I came over she made it point of having made one just because I liked it!

Times were challenging back then. My own mom became disabled when I was nine but those weekends with Paula and Mr. and Mrs. Quick were like being home! I guess I had two homes--mine and theirs. How lucky I was! I remember their yearly family barbecues and other gatherings I was invited to. *sigh*. Back then were so many times I called-not to talk to Paula because I knew she wasn't home but to talk to Mrs. Quick (Paula I bet you don't remember or ever knew).

It's sad how time and distance and circumstances can pull at communication but it can never pull away love- not the love I felt from these great and wonderful people nor the love I felt for them then and still to this day.

I loved Mr. Quick dearly. Mrs. Quick I know you can hear the love in my heart. You will never be forgotten. Ever. You were a mother to me and as a "daughter" you will forever be in my heart.

How I wish everyone could have known such fine, fine people such as you and Mr. Quick.

My belief systems assures me that you and Mr. Quick now 'See the Bar" forever.

I will see you both--next life...