Sunday, February 8, 2009

Psychic Protection

Tune in to my colleague's pod cast program. This is what it will be all about as described by author Theresa Chaze:

Every person you meet in your life is a lesson. Sometimes they are teachers; some times they are the lesson. The later sometimes appear in your life simply as a test of your ability to keep your boundaries. Whether or not they claim to be on a spiritual path, there are those who motives are not always pure. They claim to be loving, yet they create chaos by stirring up anger or conflict, while casting themselves as the role of victim in the situation. They are a unique kind of vampire. Not only do they steal energy, but they dump their emotional waste wherever they can find a person who will accept it. Those who refuse to be a meal or stand up to them are called selfish or evil. February 8 at 5 pm eastern, I will be talking about psychic vampires and how to protect yourself. Angry isn't always the answer and guilt only makes you a side dish.

So join me at to learn psychic self defense 5pm eastern Sunday February 8.

Please visit to learn about her and her exciting books!

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