Monday, September 1, 2008

A Magical Day!

In Her Godmother, Allie learns to see the everyday magic around her on her path to healing. But there is also such a thing as magic everyday, any day. Magic is just the word I use to describe a miracle and, as I have written many times in the past, each day is filled with miracles. 186,000 to be exact. How do I come up with this number? Well, of course there will be concerns, worries, grief, loss and all those stressful things we experience as a matter of life but even though these things may be happening to us and I have had more than my share of all of these and more there are still "happenings" that are blessings or miracles or magical if you will.

For any given sorrow, there is a blessing. I have experienced the loss of many beloved people in a short period of time and grief was overwhelming but, I received so much love, companionship, counsel and wisdom from each and everyone of them that these things are the miracles I carry with me everyday. I have had near death experiences that left me blessed with a further understanding of life after life. I have suffered illnesses that were truly serious and debilitating and have overcome them all. As I write this I continue to heal myself from a serious central nervous system disease called RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) that left me in agony for over seven years unable to dress myself without my husband's help. I was unable to write or type. An expert horsewoman, I had to give up my love which I have now regained!

Even during these times I would think of the miracles of each day. I often gave thanks for my daughter who is my life and best friend. I decided that each second of every day that she was okay that was my blessing,my miracle, my magic. There are 186,000 seconds in a day so just this one blessing gave me 186,000 blessings each day. Do you see where I am going with this? If you look at each and every thing that is going well in a day and count the seconds you will find you have much more than 186,000 each day! This is the magic of everyday that I choose to focus on.

If you have followed my blog you might remember reading my comments on my horse, Sassy. She had years of serious illnesses and at one point I thought I would have to put her down. She made it and I retired her. This year she started to show signs of her old self. I began a slow reconditioning program with her--my goal to just bareback her for long walks. This has been a slow process. After all she is, as of today, 29 years old and has been very arthritic.

Today is Labor Day and since I bought her on Labor Day I usually call this day her birthday. Today I took her out for one of our bareback rides and chose a different path that went up a gently sloping hill. Not sure how she would take this I was prepared to turn her around and just walk on the flats if necessary. Well, not only did she do this with ease when we got to the flats she began trotting! She hasn't been this energetic for years and she even wanted to run!

That she gave me this gift on her "birthday" did not escape me. You see I believe in messages, signals that come my way to keep me in faith and trust. And today was one of those times when I was told what you think may not be possible does not have to be the case. I know this from my mother who with over 17 heart attacks and even more strokes and Parkinson's lived to 93. Her whole life she never said never, that she was limited and although disabled she continued to walk, get herself to bingo and in general enjoy gossiping and causing me great worry when she would not call to let me know where she was...Each day of my mother's life was a testimony to miracles, to the magic of perseverance, of the will.

I struggle with bipolar disorder and there are days when it takes every fiber of my mind to make me determined not to give in. I also suffer from severe reactive hypoglycemia so there are days I fight overwhelming exhaustion as I try to balance my blood sugar levels. This morning was one of those mornings. Knowing how Sassy looks forward to going out I determined we would go out and if I felt too tired after a short bit we would come but I would give in.

Well, those few minutes became a magical ride with her the likes of which she and I have not experienced for years. Imagine if I had given in to my exhaustion this morning. Imagine the miracle I would have missed!

Today I had magic like I had not had with her in a long, long time. If there is magic once, there is magic always.

What would make you feel as if you tapped into magic? Think about it and just do it!

Her Godmother Book Trailer: Her Godmother--a tale of magic and miracles!

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