Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Walk In TheRain

As parts of the northeast face downpours of rain I empathize. In 2006 our area was devastated with a major flood and repairs in my county will never be completed in truth. Consequently, we watch weather very carefully here in upstate New York. As luck would have it I was in NYC when the flood hit and my husband was alone to face raging waters, the inability to get to the barn to check on the horses, then tracking them when they got out because the fence line broke and so on and so on. It was so bad there was no way to get home for over a week! As I write this Maine is getting ten inches of rain and I pray they will not suffer the several feet of water we all suffered that year of that flood.

Today I walked around the pond with my elder mare who I have been rehabilitating for some time now. Fear of losing her for quite a few years left me grateful that she is sound and out of her full retirement. She and I make a good pair...both arthritic going through our paces of being just plain strong and able to be come back queens.
The rain drizzled on us at first and then came down heavier but that was no problem as I have always enjoyed a walk in the rain. She, on the other hand, made faces at me as if to say "Are we done yet?" It was one of those times when the elements allow you to take stock of the moment and magically the moment is suspended as you watch not just a rain of water but a rain of autumn leaves falling as the wind loosens them from the trees. It is a suspended moment when everything just feels the way it is supposed to feel: right. It is a time to reflect that there should be no reason not to feel this mental calm all the time other than because...just because we let life get in the way.

Like so many, life has gotten in my way many times and frankly, there was nothing, absolutely nothing that could be done. Do not get me wrong I am a believer in reinvention. I have done it many times myself-recovering from illnesses and disabilities that would have just plain put others away for good. Over the years as I was forced to remake myself mentally, physically and creatively. As a result I developed Quantum Spirituality, The Science of Change. (You can find the link on my page.)

So, I believe in overcoming but I also know what being in an iron box is like too. Today, there were no iron boxes other than the current preoccupation that had plagued me all week and I allowed it to take over for a bit--far longer than I should have for sure. But, isn't that always the case? After all we are human. We will have those triggers that challenge the space we have worked so hard to create.
But in this walk in the rain preoccupation was washed away and replaced with gratitude for where I really am--in the self manifested little farm that was first created with the daydreams of a little girl growing up in a poor ghetto long, long ago.

Rain is good. Rain is my friend.

Rain plays a pivotal role for the main character in my book, HER GODMOTHER. See the trailer:

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