Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Exciting Offers!

Dear Firends,

I want to introduce my friend and colleague, Alan B. Densky, CH, who is an
internationally known expert. Alan has over 30 years of experience at
creating rapid personal change through hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic
Programming. I am honored to invite you to participate in Alan's exciting
seven-day promotion!

And as his way of saying, "Thank you for your participation," you will
receive a Package of Bonuses of astonishing value worth over $7,000.00! Read
on . . . I am, as part of this exciting offer among those offering a free service! The value of my service is $75! I am offering a FREE 30 minute quantum counsultation session so go on over to Alan's site and check it out!

Imagine having the key to rapidly eliminate any negative feeling or
behavior, and the ability to quickly and effortlessly transform yourself
into the person that you have always wanted to be. Picture having an
extraordinarily happy, rich and fulfilling life.

What would it take for you to bring that imagined picture into reality?
Imagine how great you will feel when you can:

* Overcome your cravings and appetite and lose weight
* Quit smoking or chewing tobacco
* Eliminate anxiety and depression
* Stop nail biting
* Build self-confidence and self-esteem
* Eradicate Insomnia and sleep better
* Increase concentration, retention, and recall
* Get rid of any phobia and panic attacks
* Abolish pain, headaches or migraines
* Abort asthma attacks
* Reduce or eliminate facial tics

Alan offers the most powerful hypnotic technologies available for rapid
change, including the only video hypnosis technology to ever be awarded a
U.S. Patent. It's all there for you on his web site. See for yourself -
click through right now.


In return for participating, as a bonus gift to you, Alan has brought
together an extraordinary package of dynamic and transformative content
worth over $7,000.00 that will act as the key to transforming your life.

This content came from an "A-List" of success experts, best-selling authors,
pioneers, and leaders in several fields who are generously contributing
their bonus gifts to support Alan in achieving his goal to create a happier

If you are receiving this email, then you are most likely someone who likes
to make things happen.

For the next 7 days, when you purchase any of Alan's programs, you will have
immediate access to the "Bonus Bundle of Gifts" Valued at over $7,000.00.

To take advantage of this special offer to download the free gifts!

Click the following link to visit Alan's Neuro-VISION Hypnotherapy web site.


It may be the best decision you will make all year!

Participation in this offer will bring you a return beyond belief, but the
time is limited so act now!

Click Here: http://www.neuro-vision.us/promo/pr.php?pr=9232

Warm Regards,


P.S. Enjoy your new life!

P.P.S. We encourage you to pass this link on to your friends and share in
the excitement and gift giving. Forward this email to whomever you believe
can benefit from this special "This Week Only" offer.


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