Thursday, June 26, 2008

Her Godmother-A Magical Adventure for Children; Book trailer

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Allie begins her magical adventure as her mother takes her to her Godmother while she works out the issues in her life. Surrounded by woods, Allie finds new adventures and a path to healing as Aunt Bridget shows her how to find the magic not only in herself but miracles in the world around her. Harry Potter was taken to a world separate from the mundane; Allie learns that magic is not only real, but is part of every day life.

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Annie said...

It was an extraordinary adventure reading 'Her Godmother'. As I joined Ally and her personal experiences with her godmother Bridget, it brought back some wonderful memories. Yes, I felt like Ally. I also had some interesting similar experiences living in a similar place in real life. I just loved this video and its similarity with the characters in the book...Wow! It's awesome! Two thumbs up! Please read the book!