Friday, June 27, 2008

It's All About The Journey!

I could not even begin to describe the life experiences my journey has sent my way. Does intensity and challenge create or trigger creativity? What role does nurturing play? Or naturing for that matter? Is it fifty/fifty?

There was a time I would have said nurturing (or environmental factors) was the main factor in life outcomes. I no longer believe that. I have come to believe that it is the person's nature that impacts on choices, successes, chaos and even "failures", what ever that means for as long as we move forward there is no such thing as failure-just growth.

This is not to say we are not affected by sorrowful or traumatic events in our lives but rather that these events may divert us off track until we come to terms or peace with how our experiences affect us.

To play with an old example that was discussed when I was in school-someone's fascination with knives could create a butcher, a surgeon or a murderer. Aside from congenital organic deficits as exemplified in the sociopath if we look at our challenges and how we have conducted ourselves chances are we will find how courageous we all really are.

What brings me to this topic today? Simple. My cup of coffee came out awful this morning. Now, since I only drink one cup a day that perfect cup of joe is REALLY IMPORTANT! Well, my mood did a light switch to the bad side of my mind which I have had to work on modifying for the last hour.

Environmentally speaking, the conviction that a horrible day will ensue would be a simple tenet for the day. But my NATURE dictates that this is a ridiculous thing to do- having my whole day be framed around a cup of coffee!

So, instead I trip my mind (not too fantastic) and allow the domino effect that is the quirkiness of the poetic to pen these free flowing mental meanderings.

Sometimes I like to imagine that there were more people just like me but on second thought--there would go the neighborhood!


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