Thursday, June 26, 2008

Magic in the Midst...

Sometimes it can be very hard keeping connected with the magic in the everyday happenings. Thunderstorms and lightening can be an inconvenience-rain, sometimes hail, lights flickering and so on. Then there's getting soaked walking the dogs and having to wipe mud off the mutts that, of course, just LOVE romping through the deepest puddles they can find. It is not unusual for this to be irritating.

Today was such a possible day but the truth is there is excitement in a storm. The sound of the branches and leaves crackling in the wind, the cool sting of wet darts on the skin is invigorating and the sheer mindless glee dogs experience splashing around in the mud is like a turn table-time trip to younger days when rainy days meant soaking sneakers and water squishing in between the toes. Mom of course would always get furious but it did not matter for I knew the ire was just worth the sensation of warm, dry feet becoming wet and cool. Umbrellas? Pfft. There was nothing nicer than feeling the cold rain tapping on my dry shirt or blouse. Chances are you remember those days too. And then there is the smell of rain. Yes, for those who may have forgotten, rain has its own smell. But in the bustle of being all "growed up" we somehow lose track of the lighter side of inconvenience.

Children love inconvenience. It's all an adventure and, if we let ourselves pause just long enough, a rainy day's inconvenience can bring us full circle into our natural state of still being kids but only in adult bodies. Now...where did those dogs go? Bye for now. Going to look for them in the biggest puddle.

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Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

Cate, it is so true that we are so busy being grow ups that we miss the miracles that are put in our path. There is an old saying: learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the present. That's how most children live. They have the innocences and courage to believe life is a wonderful blessing. Those who chose to nurture that aspect of themselves will not only be stronger people, but they will also be able to enjoy the blessings in their lives no matter how they appear.