Friday, August 29, 2008

Are You Toxic To Yourself?

By Cate Cavanagh

Yes, I too have bad days. Sometimes, as with most people, you hit a time when the stress and worry about money, health or loved ones build up. Over time, stress racks the nerves and mental constitution of the best of us. A few years back I was in such a cycle. I lost a number of loved one in a brief period of time and was worried about other family members that were in poor health. Forget about waiting "for the other shoe to drop", I was waiting nonstop for the third shoe! Because I was also in grieving I got hit with the anger stage of grief so, you can imagine anger and rage for a multiple of deceased people happening all at the same time and the effect it had on me. Psychics are human too after all and can fall victim to harsh times, grief and anger. The difference can be the power of the mind and how intensely you feel your pain.

As a Taurus, my home is my haven. It is where I want to be and I just love nestling in for quiet times at the end of the day. But, I had reached a point where I was angry in my home and at my home. Despite a reasonable amount of time passing during which I should have managed my grief related anger, my anger kept surfacing over and over again--huge waves of it would engulf me and I was lost.

I so enraged I had a long period of time in which I was in a "duh?" state of mind. One day I woke up with a realization. I realized that I had become toxic to myself. I had experienced such violent grief and anger that I infected my home with emotions so strong, the energy was lingering and reinfecting me! As you can imagine I was stunned for I, of all people, should have picked up on this phenomenon but simply didn't. It was then I realized I had to spiritually cleanse my home of my own negative energies that were so powerful as to cripple me.

Are you or have you gone through a prolonged period of stress, upset and anger? It could be your own emotions, sent out into you home in the form of negative energies, are still lingering in your environment. You could be reinfecting yourself with your own negative emotions. You could be toxic to yourself too!

How do you cleanse your home of malingering negativity? You can "smoke" your house. Tis is done by opening your windows and burning sage, fanning ti with your hand throughout your whole home. You will immediately feel the environment lighten. Another thing to do is to sprinkle salt all over your house, especially the corners where energies get trapped, and leaving it down fo twenty-four hours. It is also good practice to do a home cleansing once a week for maintenance so to speak to prevent you from continuing to reinfect yourself.

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