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Books that are about magic (CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY and HARRY POTTER) continue to elicit rising interest in the magical genre and this book will have appeal to children and adults alike. Unlike Harry Potter books, Her Godmother is a true depiction of magic as practiced in the magical/Wiccan community. Her Godmother also addresses the disease of alcoholism and shows it is not influenced by income nor ethnicity. The AA program is introduced as are some of the steps as tools for healing the wounds children and adult children of alcoholics carry within. As an adult child of an alcoholic this is a situation I have personally experienced. HER GODMOTHER educates about this disease and provides insight into the healing process while creating an imaginative and enchanting novel.

About the book:

Allie is experiencing a family breakup. Her father is an alcoholic. Her mother decides to have Allie stay with her godmother in upstate rural New York while she makes plans to start life over and relocate so although magic is a large part of this story, HER GODMOTHER is a creative tale of coping and rethinking how to heal by discovering joy in a mundane yet disappointing world.

While upstate Allie learns about the the wonder of wildlife. Adding to the fun mix of delightful events is Jasper, the squirrel that taps on her godmother's window, Sally the rotund cat who is a magical character with a story of her own, the family of skunks that live under the house, the bats that live in the roof and Jupiter the nonmagical, mischievous huge mutt. Allie is having a wonderful time until one night, when awakened by a thunderstorm, she peeks out of her window to see her godmother dancing on the lawn in the rain. Who is this woman her mother sent her to stay with? What Allie is about to discover is that her godmother is rather "colorful" or should we say...

It is important to note that although HER GODMOTHER is mystical no one is changed into cats nor does anyone fly on broomsticks. Readers venture with Allie on the Wiccan path to healing and discover with her that ordinary life is really a series of enchantments that will capture the hearts of both children and adults.

Witches are among us and like Brigid (the godmother) live quietly in every community. HER GODMOTHER dispels erroneous thinking about the gentle, caring belief of Wicca which is authentic on its depiction. As a adult child of an alcoholic, Cate weaves the complexity of tis controversy while fostering a deeper understanding of alcoholism and its impact on families, especially children.

The back drop of this book is Livingston Manor, the town in which Cate lives. As the denizens of this town know the weather is rather quirky. This book is authentic in bringing this town to life so the reader can be entertained with the charm and weather unpredictability of this area in Sullivan County, New York.

HER GODMOTHER has a writing style that is easy for children to read while not "writing down" so that the story and style alike will also attract adult readers. The beauty of this book is that it cannot be put into a box that limits readership. It will be appealing to adults, children, those interested in magic as well as those familiar with the heartache of alcoholism.

About Cate: She is a practicing Witch whose my first book, GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, continues to receive rave reviews. she is also a published poet whose work has appeared in poetry anthologies. I am also a published print columnist, had a political program on WJJ, an NPR affiliate, as well as a podcast political commentator on Internet Radio Voices. Her work has also appeared in Lightsouce, SelfGrowth and Espirit. She is frequent contributor to Witchvox.
She was asked toto write the forward for widely known metaphysician within the spiritual community, Myriam Maytorena. Her book, LIFE WITH MOTHER, is a touching story of care giving for her mother during the end stages of her life.

Combining the elements of magic, the profundity of alcoholism and fun HER GODMOTHER will be the next feel good book of the year.

Popular author Janet Elaine Smith wrote the forward and excerpted part of this forward as an endorsement on the back cover. Known Wiccan author, Theresa Chaze also wrote a review for the back cover as well.

HER GODMOTHER is available through Barnes and noble, other fine bookstores, and


Cate Cavanagh

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